A product that combines together the best innovations in the field of skin brightening techniques; it has superior skin lightening effect that promotes long-term skin luminosity and radiance. Along with brightening the skin, it makes it smooth, free of blemishes and dark spots. Enriched with powerful antioxidants, it reduces oxidative damage that occurs from daily sun exposure and other environmental pollutants. The natural red pigment in Lycopene imparts pinkish glow to your skin. The UV filters shield the skin against harmful effects of the sun and protect the skin from future discoloration.
Ingredients: Glutathione, Lycopene, UVA & UVB filters, alpha arbutin
Ideal for day time use
Provides Natural Matte Finish that covers skin imperfections
Formulated with SPF30 to protect the skin from sun damage
Use this product daily as a light foundation for natural pinkish cheeks or make up base results to smooth and luminous complexion.